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We are a prominent commodities procurement specialists

operating on a global scale

About EBG Group

EBG Group offers over 38 years of experience in the commodities business world dedicated to raw minerals and metals as well as refined and crude oil trading services, granting clients worldwide access to interconnected financial markets. Our operations are closely aligned with strategic partners in Dubai, Mexico, and Chile. We excel in catering to end-buyers, traders, refiners, smelters, and industrial consumers seeking top-quality metals.

We foster meaningful connections and an many years of in-depth relationships with mine owners resulting in fast paced satisfaction of your trading tactics and goals in the following geographic areas:

  • The Philippines (Thermal Coal)

  • Mexico (Manganese Ore, Iron Ore,

  • Silver/Copper/Gold Concentrate)

  • Colombia (Copper Ore, Coltan Ta2O5)

  • Honduras (Iron Ore)

  • Peru (Copper Concentrates)

  • Bolivia (Iron Ore)

  • Chile (Iron Ore, Copper Concentrates)

  • Paraguay (Gold)

EBG Group secures its clients' confidence and patronage through a spectrum of expertise, comprehensive product offerings, worldwide outreach, and access to niche markets that distinguish us from competitors. What truly sets us apart, however, is our unwavering client-centric approach. We prioritize your needs consistently. We foster meaningful connections and an in-depth comprehension of your trading tactics and goals. The outcome is enduring partnerships that transcend isolated deals or transactions, thereby augmenting long-term value.


Our commitment is to achieve excellence in the assessment and procurement of commodities metals as well as refined and crude oil, grounded in robust business partnerships with our clients. Our identity is shaped and polished by principles of transparency, integrity, and candor.


Envisioning a future where our unwavering dedication to precision and purity positions us as a global leader in the commodities industry as well as refined and crude oil industry. We strive to continually foster transparent, trustworthy, and enduring connections, driving innovation and shaping the evolution of the sector.



EBG Group specializes in delivering a comprehensive array of services within the commodities metals and the dynamic oil sector. With a global reach, we address the diverse requirements of our clientele. Our core expertise encompasses copper ore, copper concentrate, iron or as well as refined oil trading and active engagement in crude oil activities. Through seamless transactions and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we provide top-tier services to our esteemed partners.


Copper Concentrate:

We stand at the forefront of copper concentrate trading, harnessing our expertise to cater to the evolving needs of the global market. Our trading endeavors extend to pivotal regions, with a strong focus on sourcing and trading copper concentrate. Our presence is prominent, reflecting our active engagement in facilitating transactions within areas known for their copper resources.

Drawing strength from our expansive network of suppliers and buyers, we ensure the streamlined procurement, safekeeping, and distribution of copper concentrate. Our commitment to efficiency and reliability guides every step of this process. Upholding both swiftness and quality, we ardently fulfill the rigorous demands of our clients. Through this commitment, we empower our partners to refine their operations and attain their strategic objectives in the copper concentrate sector.

Iron Ore Trading:

At the forefront of the commodities mentioned above, we bring our expertise to the global forefront. With an eye on the constant evolving market, we engage with both producers in origin and Buyers assisting in creating the synchrony necessary to achieve successful long term relations that span in many diverse regions. Our central focus lies in the Due Diligence of the multiple product sources that will generate the necessary trust on the end buyers / traders. Actively involved, we facilitate transactions within areas recognized for their rich mineral resources.

Harnessing the strength of our extensive network of suppliers and buyers, we orchestrate the seamless open book assistance with procurement, secure warehousing, and efficient distribution of the products. Our dedication to efficiency and dependability is the guiding principle for every step of this process. We uphold both agility and quality, striving to meet the high standards set by our clients. Through this commitment, we empower our partners to optimize their operations and realize their business ambitions within the iron ore sector.

Crude Oil Trading:

In addition to refined oil, we are actively engaged in crude oil trading, encompassing various sources such as Venezuela, BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil), Libyan, Omani, and Iraqi crude oils. Drawing upon our deep industry knowledge and market insights, we facilitate the seamless flow of crude oil between suppliers and buyers. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of crude oil markets allows us to offer tailored solutions to our clients, ensuring a fast, efficient, and secure trading experience.

Focus on Trading:

Trading lies at the heart of our operations, driving our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We understand the value of reliable and timely execution, and our dedicated team of professionals works diligently to ensure smooth transactions and prompt delivery of products. By focusing on trading as our core competency, we are well-positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of services that meet the evolving demands of the global oil and gas industry.

Fast and Qualitative Service:

At EBG Group, we place significant importance on delivering a service that is not only fast but also of the utmost quality. We prioritize efficiency without compromising the integrity and reliability of our operations. Our dedicated team is committed to swiftly and professionally delivering results while maintaining strict quality standards. We consistently invest in cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to enhance our service capabilities, enabling us to surpass our clients' expectations.

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